Eastlands Library

Eastlands library is the largest and busiest of the three Book Bunk project libraries. It attracts teens and young adults.

About Eastlands Library

Eastlands library is a stone throw away from the law courts and county offices (Makadara is an electoral constituency within Nairobi County) and shares a compound with the Huduma Centre, a public service hub. This branch gets the most foot traffic of all three, with a total of 23,923 users in 2022.

Most of the visitors here are young adults who are either using the space to study or are working on their devices. In addition to completing the architectural renovation of this library in July 2021, we have been acquiring new book collections and delivering public programming including innovative arts and learning programmes, primarily for young adults.

What we Offer

Eastlands Library Services

Books and Reading + Play Spaces

We have a growing collection of general books, including a growing African Literature collection that can all be accessed from the library. We are building a lending service system and look forward to adding this soon!

Library Tours

Book Bunk offers private tours of all three of its project libraries. Tours typically happen on Saturdays - but can be scheduled for on other days upon request. Book a tour today via airbnb or contact hello@bookbunk.org.


We currently do not offer any library subscription services but we are working on it. In the meantime, feel free to walk in and enjoy the library!


This library provides desktop computers and laptops for use within the library premises. These devices are booked in advance and are subject to our terms of use. See the librarian to book a computer.

Programmes and Events

We host film screenings, concerts, extended hours, academic tuition and a wide variety of arts, academic and other programmes. Click here to see what we’ve got happening next!

After School Library Programming

We offer programmes centred on arts education, academic support and life skills. All of Book Bunk’s programmes are offered at no cost. Click here to see what we've got happening at the library.

Community Engagement Events

Showcase our ambitions and achievements for the libraries and bring new audiences into the space


Free digitisation services are available at the library. Do you have any documents, photos or precious memories that you’d like to preserve? Bring them to the library and we’ll show you how to! This service requires prior booking. To learn more about our project, The Missing Bits, click here.


Programming at the Library

Art Bunk

A visual arts programme catering to young children’s artistic curiosities! Our little participants are guided through a 7-day visual arts curriculum that includes painting and arts & crafts.

Dance Bunk

A free dance programme offered in partnership with Chezacheza Foundation, integrating dance practice as a holistic learning process.

Film Screening

Child-friendly film screenings! Where possible, the cast or directors of these films are invited to provide further insight and hold discussions with viewers.

Hepa Jam

This is our school/work programme that offers extended library opening hours to everyone wanting to escape Nairobi’s traffic jam.

Music Bunk

This is a music school that features a fit-for purpose curriculum that integrates music practice as a holistic learning process.

Play Bunk

Play Bunk encourages library users to step away from their desks and play! The library is fitted with several recreational activities such as LEGO Bricks, board games and more.

Photo Gallery

Before Renovation

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Photo Gallery

After Renovation


Support Eastlands Library

You can support Eastlands Library by donating a book to the library! Read our book donation policy here.

We asked library users what books they’ll need, here’s the library’s wish list! If you’d like to know how we manage the library’s collections, please read our collection management policies here.

Book a tour: Immerse yourself in the world of #NRBLibraries and book a tour. Proceeds go towards supporting the library.

Donate in-kind – reach out to hello@bookbunk.org

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